Embryos For Sale

Embryos available out of this great donor!

Out of:
THF Ms Karan 737

THF IM THe Key 516ET {RT DCC 20X Key Master {Renitall Keynote 20X
{CS Artina 75A 632B
{OXH Judi 6258 {IH 805 Advance 3788
{OSH Patti 2175
THF Ms Diamond 206M {C&M Diamond 516 {Bel L Diamond 12Z ET
{NEBR Lady 8205 016
{JT Miss L1 Gold 2036 {B&B L1 Domino 444
{DHR Ms Gold 4105


Embryos available
DCC Tejas 1055
BR Advantus

She has a Dec 25th Heifer by Churchill Eagle I can't say enough abought this Donor.
She stands out above all I have ever had open and ready to flush to bull your choice.
Contact Jamey for info on embryos and sell of Donor Cow Karen


Embryos available
Sire: OXH Domino 8020 or DCC 26F Lamar
Out of:

THF Miss Eagles Lady 330 ET

Churchill Eagle 504 {Sar Advance C61 1ET {Lone Star Luke 100
{Star Donna 302K 5B
{Churchill Lady 308 {Churchill Bo 906
{Churchill Lady 144
HH Miss Advance 794C {HH Advance 403D Jet {HH Advance 185A
{HH Miss Advance
{HH Miss Advance 104A {HH Advance 9012Y
{HH Miss Advance


Embryos available from...
Sire: BR EM Channing ET
Dam: THF Ms Diamond 17K


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